BioGenium Microsystems

About Us

BioGenium Microsystems develops innovative engineering systems and solutions for life science applications. Applications especially for physiologically relevant experiment platforms for cells, tissues, and other biological samples.

Expertise and Core Knowhow

  • Microfluidics
  • (Micro)fabrication
  • Manufacturing / assembly
  • Designing of Biological Applications
  • Organ-on-chip applications
  • Biomimicking Cell Culture Technologies
  • Silicone (injection) Molding

BioGenium Microsystems Oy was established in June 2018 as a spin-off company at the Tampere University of Technology (TUT) from Micro- and nanosystems research group (MST-group) led by Prof. Pasi Kallio.

Technology research and development initiated in the research group already in 2008 during the national Academy of Finland -project (Stemfunc 2008-2010, 1M €). This project has also been a driving force for the next national research-oriented Business Finland (former TEKES) -project (Human Spare Parts 1.1.2011 - 31.12 .2018; 20M €).

In 2014, the commercial potential of technology was identified and Business Finland’s TUTLI project was granted to promote commercialization. The MiniHypoxy project (1.1.2016 - 31.4.2018: € 650k) was fully focused on developing the technology innovation to prototype and to prepare for the commercialization based on which the existing company was established.

During the MiniHypoxy project a technology was developed, in which live cells can be maintained under low oxygen conditions in a portable device. The device includes a portable unit for maintaining the cellular environment, as well as disposable injection molded silicone components in which cells are grown and non-disposable components for creating the environment around a single cell culture chamber. This device OxyGenie™ is now available under tradename of OxyGenie by Baker Company.