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Drosophila Melanogaster

Gene mutated drosophila melanogaster in hypoxia​.
No liquid, no heating.

A decreased oxygen tension (hypoxia) is a characteristic feature of the microenvironment in many inflammatory disorders, such as chronic inflammation and cancer. The low-oxygen level activates hypoxia-induced signaling pathways, which is usually highly beneficial for cells with gain-of-function mutations within these disorders. Therefore, it is important to understand hypoxia-induced signaling and to find possible novel regulators of the hypoxia-activated signaling pathways.

Drosophila melanogasters (a.k.a. fruit flies) are commonly used model organisms to study hypoxia responses at both the organism and the molecular level, because the fly has an efficient, well-conserved and well characterized hypoxia response signaling.

Drosophila melanogasters

With OxyGenie™, flies can be treated with an appropriate gas mixture. By utilizing the OxyGenie™ chambers, exposure times and various gas-mixtures can be altered.

The refillable gas bottles can be loaded with any gas mixtures and because flies are maintained in gas environment target values can be reached in minutes range.