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Irradiation of Cancer Cells in Hypoxia

Cells in solid tumors are naturally variably hypoxic (0% - 5%) and hence more resistant to radiotherapy than cells in higher oxygen (e.g. room oxygen 21%). In other words, the radiosensitivity of the cells decreases maintaining the cells in their natural oxygen. To study radiotherapy of tumors, it is essential to maintain physiological oxygen for the culture during the radiation experiments, which are typically conducted in separate facilities far from hypox.

Portable OxyGenie™ incubation platform allows continuous control of hypoxic environment in multiple wells. OxyGenie™ maintains the desired low oxygen environment inside the individual culturing chambers during the transportation and irradiation experiments. With OxyGenie™ chambers you can perform radiotherapy studies more reliably.

P-H2A.x was used as a marker of double strand breaks, indicative of irradiation response.
Metsälä et al. ​
Rad. Onco. 2018​​

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Metsälä O, Kreutzer J, Högel H, Miikkulainen P, Kallio P & Jaakkola P (2018), 'Transportable system enabling multiple irradiation studies under simultaneous hypoxia in vitro', RADIATION ONCOLOGY, Vol. 13, No. 220.